[Neo4j] Transaction and REST API

Peter Neubauer peter.neubauer at neotechnology.com
Thu Oct 27 18:35:20 CEST 2011

+ 1 on contributions of useful rest plugins. I would like to see them listed
in the manual, and keep the docs somewhere central. Suggestions?
On Oct 27, 2011 12:35 PM, "Kristen Eisenberg" <kristen.eisenberg at yahoo.com>

> Hi Ido,
> > How will you go about implement such change using REST interface?
> With the current default REST interface, you can't. But you can write an
> extension (either in the managed framework, or if you're brave/desperate in
> the unmanaged framework through JAX-RS) which can do this.
> I imagine you might give such a resource the name:
> .../products
> When you POST a new product representation to the /products resource, under
> the covers it creates both a new node that represents your product and
> inserts the relationship into the DB too.
> > Another example in the same area is suppose I want to change 2 links, say
> > change a category from been sub-category to another sub-category and
> let's
> > say it involve delete one link and create another.
> Same deal, although the discovery is a little trickier here. If you were to
> do this in a sane way, I'd suggest filling in a form, which contains the URI
> of the relationship to be deleted, plus the information needed to create a
> new relationship. POST that form to a resource representing the graph and
> you're done.
> > I'm trying to see if there is a generic way to implement such things of
> > changing multiple resources in generic manager in REST or is it simply to
> > application (or service) specific.
> I think they're mostly going to be application specific. That's why we have
> the two ways of extending the server (warning: the JAX-RS way really is a
> sharp tool, be careful). But if the community notices useful patterns
> emerging, then we could think about rolling them up into a general
> extensions package (rather like the very useful graph algos package).
> So a plea to the community: if you extend the server in any cool and useful
> way, let the group know and we'll perhaps get a rest-contrib project
> running.
> Happy new year everybody!
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