[Neo4j] Neo4jRestNet Update

Tatham Oddie tatham at oddie.com.au
Fri Oct 21 07:36:36 CEST 2011

Hi Kan,

FYI - we added parametized Gremlin queries in our implementation and have seen a nice memory heap improvement on the Java side as a result.

That is ... instead of:


we send:

  query: 'g.v(p0).outE[[label:p1]]',
  params: {
    p0: 123,
    p1: 'FOO'

This allows the query to be cached by neo4j and then just called with different parameters later.

-- Tatham

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I updated my .Net wrapper

you can now use LINQ on the flilter and sort commands for example

Node MyNode = Node.GetNode(123);
GremlinScript script = new GremlinScript(MyNode)
	.Filter(it => it.GetProperty("MyProp").ToLowerCase() == "TestValue" ||

IEnumerable<Node> ReturnNodes = Gremlin.Post<Node>(script);

You can also return a DataTable 

GremlinScript script = new GremlinScript();
	.NodeIndexLookup(new Dictionary<string, object>() { { "FirstName" , "Jack"
}, { "LastName", "Shaw" } })
	.Filter(it => it.GetProperty("UID") == "jshaw") 
	.Table("t", "UserNode", "LikeRel", "FriendNode")
	.Append("{{it}}{{it.getProperty('{0}')}}{{it.getProperty('{1}')}} >> -1; t","Date", "FirstName");

DataTable tbl = Gremlin.GetTable(script);

The above table example will submit the following Gremlin script to Neo4j:

t = new Table();
	.filter{it.getProperty('UID') == 'jshaw'}
>> -1; t");

And the returned table will have column names of "UserNode", "LikeRel", "FriendNode" with typed values of Node, DateTime, string (assuming the properties are stored with the correct types)

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