[Neo4j] Cypher queries on full text indexes?

tpp+neo4j at iki.fi tpp+neo4j at iki.fi
Wed Oct 5 21:28:18 CEST 2011

Looks like Cypher queries with index lookups are only matching nodes
with the exact field value.

Is this by design? This is with 1.1.0.RELEASE version of Spring Data
Graph, and using the Neo4J console with v1.4.1. I'm running Neo4J in
the REST server setup.

I have a field called name on an NodeEntity full text indexed into
index named nodefull.

I create a NodeEntity with name = "abc def ghi"

If I open the Lucene index with Luke, I see that the field is properly

Two cypher queries:

start n = (nodefull, name, 'abc def ghi') return n # returns the right node

start n (nodefull, name, 'abc' return n # returns nothing


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