[Neo4j] allSimplePaths performance

Petar Dobrev peter.dobrev at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 11:42:33 CET 2011

Hi guys,

I have a graph of about 2.5M nodes and 8M relationships and I am trying to
find all simple paths between two nodes with maximum depth of 8.

The allSimplePaths graph algo works well for maximum depth of 5, but for 8
it runs really long (I didn't even wait for it to finish). So I thought
it's just that the graph is too complicated and the search operation is
very expensive.

On the other hand I noticed that shortestPath and pathsWithLength both work
fast. So I tried this experiment:

   - Run shortestPath and record the shortest length
   - Iterate from the shortest length to max_depth
      - Run pathsWithLength and append the results

And it turns out to be working really well.. much, much faster than the
allSimplePaths solution, which I found quite baffling, since the latter
solution should be doing more work to accomplish the same task.

Maybe it's just with my graph, but it's still weird.

Best regards,

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