[Neo4j] Beer and Talk - idea for an app dev-net.com

Michael Hunger michael.hunger at neotechnology.com
Mon Mar 14 14:20:50 CET 2011

Here is my brain-dump for dev-net.com.



Just started with pondering what people know of our team, what each of us is working (or worked) on, where we come from etc.

Then thought it could be cool to put this information in a graph and render it at neo4j.org

Then while making some tomato salad, I thought about adding github repos of our stuff to that, our twitter accounts, etc.

Then I thought why not add whom we follow on twitter and whom we're followed by and link those up. Then I thought, why not also add the books we read / are reading and their authors in the it space, same for conferences, presentations we held or attended, workshops other events etc. 

And then - why not offer the whole thing for the entire development community, make it VIRAL to have everyone add his whole bunch of dev stuff in there.

So I could for instance say, I've attended a workshop by Kent in Hamburg as did some other guy whom I then followed on twitter and he gave me some cool dev links, so we set up a soup.io thing to share that. Then I forked one of his github projects, etc.

Ideas for categories (root-nodes):

platforms (max, *nix, win, android, ios, ...)
country - city (live, work, like, travel to)
books read, written, reviewed, intended to read
writing - articles, co-authored, read, reviewed, acted upon
events, conferences, workshops, attended, organized, presented
blogs,sites (follow, write)
social - twitter, facebook, linkedin, xing (follow, followed, mentioned, replied, keywords)
media - infoq, dzone, tss (wrote, commented)
podcasts, screencasts, videos (youtube)
oss-projects (use, contribute, fork, patch)
their "products" 
maven dependencies of the products
repositories (github, google-code, sourceforge, codehaus)
definitions (wikipedia and others)
lists/sharing (delicicious, soup.io, posterous, tumblr)
help/faq sites - stackoverflow, quora
patterns - love, know, hate
certificates (yes some people like them)
frameworks, libraries

I even found a domain that is affordable, we can host a neo4j-ha server there and put a nice UI in front (Jake?, Mark Niijnhof) that allows editing, connecting, etc. rendering (JIT) of traversal results etc (a bit like freebase). We can for instance host the thingy on heroku or vcloudlabs, the latter would get us the buy-in from all the springsource people to register there.
We can import data from other platforms (like twitter)

We can up widgets, e.g. for voting and sharing stuff so that those information are updated in realtime in your dev-network. Also add commit-hooks that update things, etc.

We put all the data in public domain, (like stackoverflow) so people can mash up things.

We can also expand the stuff to non-dev thingies later like music, movies, apps, gadgets.

I would give us a 2 month timeframe to setup the basics and create a simple but great UX. Then make it viral by getting all the people we know to participate (i.e. mailing-list, all your good dev-friends, thoughtworks, the valley, the berlin connection, oredev guys, the spring guys, the conference connections JAOO/QCon/JFokus/...) because we finally created a place to share all your dev/geek stuff that is not really represented in those other social platforms. I think all our combined connections could be a great starting point to get a critical mass in a really short time. 

Someone would be responsible for collecting all development resources for those categories and put them into the graph as it is only dev-related the number is limited ?
Or let it grow organically and give people a feeling of achievement?
Or perhaps both, put the centrally collected data in a "shadow-db" and offer the suggestion to people while they input their stuff

I'd also offer geek gadgets for people that participate, e.g. in a weekly drawing of active people.

Find relevant id's for everything (names, isbn, permanent-uri's)

We can also create a new kind of password system. You're not asked for your password but presented a multiple choice question from the data you entered, if you get that right within say 10 seconds you're in.

I volunteer to write the iPhone client for that one.

I could spend days dumping my knowledge / connections in there.

Want to support structured queries like those in yourtrack
filter by category. traverse with first letter(s) and then incrementally present the results (minus those you are already connected to - filtered out in traversal)

simple text file format to import (like dot syntax), always has to start a a known (indexed) node then can create to other known nodes or to arbitrary new ones
[me] - account -> name:jexp (1) - hosted-by -> [github]
(1) - contains -> url:http://github.com/jexp/dev-net

ruby gem for command line import (pipe to import) taco bell programming

links to dropbox files, other URIs
good integration of media (images, sourcecode)
all changes with timestamp/author information connected to -> timeline
a timeline is a connected list of nodes with fine granular information about the passing time (i.e. minutes)
there are higher levels, like hours, days, (weeks) months, years -> useful for aggregation

nodes link directly to the timeline nodes, with rel-types like: created, updated, moved, deleted
same for authoring
relationship (could) contain exact timestamp

based on all the data gathered we could create cool recommendations for all the main categories

earn money on affiliate links to amazon, conferences, vendors, companies 
(show relevant ads?)

badges for people? -> achievements, should grow quickly first, slower later, perhaps dependend on the size and depth of your network -> you're encouraged to invite friends

email check after registration, if that fails user is disabled

"no removal of information by the user just admins/moderators?"

logo: like the neo4j one, but dots replaced by "dev" "net" "you"

short uri for your data: http://dev-net.com/michael.hunger

sharding - put different categories onto different servers, replicate root-data (like people) run traversals in parallel and aggregate afterwards

limited/fixed set of relationship types, like the http verbs and instead have their attributes add to the expressiveness?: e.g.
works_at, works_with, wrote, read, reviewed, attended, presented, created, 

Am 14.03.2011 um 13:04 schrieb Alfredas Chmieliauskas:

> Great! I think thats a great idea!
> A
> On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 2:02 PM, Michael Hunger
> <michael.hunger at neotechnology.com> wrote:
>> I would,
>> I already have extensive plans for that.
>> I will share them with you :)
>> Cheers
>> Michael
>> Am 14.03.2011 um 13:50 schrieb Alfredas Chmieliauskas:
>>> Who would like to start a social networking site for developers (on
>>> top of neo4j technology and community)?
>>> I'm in.
>>> A
>>> On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 1:45 PM, bhargav gunda <bhargav.g47 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Stockholm, Sweden
>>>> On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 1:41 PM, Alfredas Chmieliauskas
>>>> <al.fredas at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> Amsterdam
>>>>> On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 1:15 PM, Axel Morgner <axel at morgner.de> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi everybody,
>>>>>> as said, here's a new thread for the idea of having "beer and talk"
>>>>>> meetings.
>>>>>> Possible locations so far:
>>>>>> Malmö
>>>>>> London
>>>>>> Berlin
>>>>>> Frankfurt
>>>>>> Looking forward to seeing more Neo4j people in personal!
>>>>>> Greetings
>>>>>> Axel
>>>>>> On 14.03.2011 13:02, Peter Neubauer wrote:
>>>>>>  > Berlin sounds great.
>>>>>>  > Last year a couple of guys met up at StudiVZ, and suddenly we were 30
>>>>>>  > people. Go for it, there is a LOT of good vibe in Beerlin!
>>>>>>  >
>>>>>>  > Cheers,
>>>>>>  >
>>>>>>  > /peter neubauer
>>>>>>  >
>>>>>>  > GTalk:      neubauer.peter
>>>>>>  > Skype       peter.neubauer
>>>>>>  > Phone       +46 704 106975
>>>>>>  > LinkedIn   http://www.linkedin.com/in/neubauer
>>>>>>  > Twitter      http://twitter.com/peterneubauer
>>>>>>  >
>>>>>>  > http://www.neo4j.org               - Your high performance graph
>>>>>> database.
>>>>>>  > http://startupbootcamp.org/    - Öresund - Innovation happens HERE.
>>>>>>  > http://www.thoughtmade.com - Scandinavia's coolest Bring-a-Thing
>>>>>> party.
>>>>>>  >
>>>>>>  >
>>>>>>  >
>>>>>>  > On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 12:37 PM, Michael Hunger
>>>>>>  > <michael.hunger at neotechnology.com> wrote:
>>>>>>  >> They guys could create at least one in Malmö? Isn't Andreas there as
>>>>>> well, and certainly some more fine folks?
>>>>>>  >>
>>>>>>  >> We can do one locally here in Gemany, perhaps Berlin (perhaps we can
>>>>>> combine that with our monthly flight to CPH).
>>>>>>  >>
>>>>>>  >> Cheers
>>>>>>  >>
>>>>>>  >> Michael
>>>>>>  >>
>>>>>>  >> Am 14.03.2011 um 11:50 schrieb Jim Webber:
>>>>>>  >>
>>>>>>  >>> Hey Rick,
>>>>>>  >>>
>>>>>>  >>> It was a pleasure to meet you too. And this got me thinking - it
>>>>>> would be great to meet more folks from this list, or to form user
>>>>>> groups, or generally just get a beer and talk Neo4j graphs.
>>>>>>  >>>
>>>>>>  >>> Is there, for example, a strong London contingent on this list? I
>>>>>> only know me and Nat Pryce so far. Anyone else care to get together in
>>>>>> London?
>>>>>>  >>>
>>>>>>  >>> Jim
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