[Neo4j] Different build errors

Nolan Darilek nolan at thewordnerd.info
Tue Mar 8 17:03:48 CET 2011

On 03/08/2011 09:40 AM, Andreas Kollegger wrote:
> Sorry about that. The graphdb components needs to be built without any external repository dependencies. Unfortunately JBoss does not sync netty with maven central (some JBoss stuff does, though).

OK, here's what I figured out yesterday. No matter what I do in SBT, I 
can't get the neo4j-kernel dependency. Here's my project configuration, 
or at least the relevant parts:

class Project(info: ProjectInfo) extends DefaultProject(info) {

   val mavenLocal = "Local Maven Repository" at 

   val osmVersion = "2.5.2-RC1"
   val osmURL = 

   val databinder = "databinder" at "http://databinder.net/repo/"

   val neo4JSnapshots = "Neo4J" at "http://m2.neo4j.org/snapshots"
   val jBossRepository = "JBoss" at 

   val neo4JVersion = "1.3.M03"

   override def libraryDependencies = Set(
     "net.databinder" %% "dispatch-http" % "0.7.8",
     "net.sf.travelingsales" % "osmlib" % osmVersion from 
     "org.geotools" % "gt-main" % "2.7-M3",
     "org.neo4j" % "neo4j" % neo4JVersion,
     "org.neo4j" % "neo4j-kernel" % neo4JVersion,
     "org.neo4j" % "neo4j-spatial" % "0.5-SNAPSHOT"


Regardless of whether or not I specify the kernel dependency, it is 
never fetched. I do, however, get the neo4j-kernel-test jar. This is 
after multiple iterations of removing and recreating all caches, 
lib_managed/ and target/.

If I pull the kernel jar from my local cache, placing it in lib/, 
everything works as expected. But something in SBT's dependency 
resolution breaks on Neo4J. I've not experienced this issue before in 
over a year of using SBT, so I'm not sure where to go from here. The 
placement of the kernel jar in my project is a good temporary solution, 
but I'm trying not to commit binary artifacts to my repository unless 
absolutely necessary.


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