[Neo4j] BatchInserter for RTree

Craig Taverner craig at amanzi.com
Thu Jul 15 21:14:58 CEST 2010

> Many features are just points, so we need to add them to the spatial index.
> Maybe is not useful to add all nodes as points, but I think we should
> add at least every nodes which isn't in a Way.

Actually, my plan is to create an index for each identifiable layer. This
means geometries are indexed at their natural types. So point geometries
like POI (points of interest) will be indexed as such in a poi layer. While
natural polygons like forests will be indexed in a 'natural' layer. From the
geotools perspective points and polygons are just types of geometry. The
fact that underneath all are composed of OSM point nodes is only relevant if
you access the Dataset through the OSM API (which will be available too).
This way you can view the same data as a large OSM graph of nodes, ways and
relations, or as a set of layers composed of geometries. Both are views of
the same data, but targetting different audiences and use cases. The
layer/geometry view is supposed to be compatible with the geotools and udig
view of things.

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