[Neo] Possible causes for: org.apache.lucene.index.MergePolicy$MergeException

Symeon (Akis) Papadopoulos papadop at iti.gr
Fri Jan 29 12:28:24 CET 2010

Mattias Persson wrote:
> Another problem I see is that you're having too granular transactions
> which will slow down the insertion process quite a bit. Try grouping a
> couple of thousands operations in one transaction and you'll see a
> performance boost!
> FYI: I can trigger the problem you were having with lucene "too many
> open files" issue. And I'm almost 100% sure that it will be resolved
> if you increase the span of your transactions.
That's what we are already doing through the class SimpleBatchTxManager 
(in package org.neo4j.util). We group read and write transactions in 
batches of some thousands. Isn't this correct?

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