[Neo] Lucene full text indexing service: searching multiple node keys

Peter Neubauer peter.neubauer at neotechnology.com
Mon Jan 25 06:29:30 CET 2010

Hi Subhash,
in http://code.google.com/p/subwiz/source/browse/neo4jtryout/trunk/src/main/java/org/wiztools/neo4jtryout/NeoUtil.java
you are having both the LuceneIndex and LuceneFulltextIndex on the
same neo4j instance. Not sure if that works well together ...

    private static NeoService neo = new EmbeddedNeo("neodata");
    private static IndexService idx = new LuceneIndexService(neo);
    private static IndexService ftIdx = new LuceneFulltextIndexService(neo);

But anyway, I am not sure how the combination of different fields in
the Lucene Index works. We should document that better in the Wiki,
will answer later today on that!


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On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 5:20 AM, Subhash Chandran <subwiz at gmail.com> wrote:
> Disclaimer: I am new to both Neo4J and Lucene.
> My question is regarding:
> http://bit.ly/4sTBnx
> In the code above I am using property p:body & p:title for
> full-text-indexing. When querying the index:
> idx.getNodes("p:body", searchTerm)
> I want to query both p:body and p:title at once. Is this possible?
> --
> Regards,
> Subhash Chandran S
> http://indiwiz.com/
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