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Rick Bullotta rick.bullotta at burningskysoftware.com
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Well, I definitely need to fuss about data types...and I would also think
that it would require at least a two-pass import to ensure that all nodes
were created prior to attempting to wire up relationships, since there is a
definite "order dependency" involved in most if not all graph models.

In general, I think you're right about the "double dump" - one for nodes,
one for relationships.  On the way out, these could be generated
simultaneously, and on the way in, parse/process nodes and their properties
first, then relationships and their properties.

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Rdf seems a good candidate to me.

Having said that it might just be pretty easy to write out the graph
in a spreadsheet (nodes and properties in one tab and relationship
triples and properties in another) and import that, as long as you
aren't fussed about maintaining data types.


On 18/01/2010, Peter Neubauer <neubauer.peter at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi David,
> one thing would be to provide example node spaces, maybe even as
> Amazon EC2 AMIs, or downloadable nodespaces.
> Regrading XML format, I think GraphML is the most standard thing
> there, Gremlin already has a GraphML importer that can be used to
> import data into Neo4j,
> http://wiki.github.com/tinkerpop/gremlin/graphml-reader-and-writer-library
> . Probably not hard to write directly onto Neo4j.
> Anyone knowing about a good other binary format?
> Cheers,
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> On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 8:37 PM, David Montag <david at montag.se> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This weekend I was toying around with Neo4j. I wanted to do some indexing
>> experiments. Unfortunately I found myself without a graph to work with.
>> Sure, I could write some code to generate a graph for me, but it'd be a
>> one-time-thing. I wanted to get going *now*. That got me thinking about
>> import/export functionality.
>> I think a command-line import tool would be useful, accompanied by (and
>> built on) a Java API. Both of them would be tied to a certain
>> representation
>> format. The export can be represented in different ways, where two
>> possible
>> ways are:
>> - State transfer: (node{id:1, name:foo}, node{id:2}, rel{start:1,end:2,
>> type=bar}, ...)
>> - Operation transfer: (id1 = create node, id2 = create node, create rel
>> id1->id2 type bar, ...)
>> I guess the state transfer feels like the more straightforward one. The
>> diff-style nature of the operation transfer might be useful in other
>> cases.
>> When I first thought of this, the target user was somebody who wanted to
>> get
>> started with a graph, and didn't want to write code to do an import
>> "manually". Maybe the import/export can extend to other use cases, but
>> this
>> was the primary one. A possible workflow could be db exported to file,
>> file
>> published, file downloaded, file imported into db.
>> In the end, it would be great if new users could download sample data
>> and import them into a Neo4j instance without writing a single line of
>> code.
>> Which also gets me thinking about a command-line tool to create an empty
>> Neo4j instance to import into. The actual implementations of the tools
>> trivial. It's the discussion that leads to the implementation that's
>> important.
>> Does this sound like anything that would interest people? If so, (digging
>> into details) what kind of representation do you guys think would be
>> I
>> was thinking XML, but a binary format might be better for performance
>> (size/primitives ratio). Maybe both? Because I do like the idea of a
>> human-readable (and editable) format. If you don't think it would be
>> useful
>> I would love to hear why.
>> This is just a brain dump of my thoughts. Surely others have thought of
>> this
>> as well. I'm just getting the discussion started. WDYT?
>> -David
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