[Neo] Gremlin Language ... and other language.

Peter Neubauer peter.neubauer at neotechnology.com
Sat Jan 9 11:06:49 CET 2010

Hi Laurent,
Marko, Josh and me are developing Gremlin. It aims at providing a
capable graph tinkering interface that can be used to prototype and
test graphy problems like recommendation algos, PageRank, Bayesian
stuff while being able to plug in different "graphy" backends like raw
graphs like Neo4j, RDF, LinkedData, or less obvious choices like
MongoDB- or maybe even relational datasets. Gremlin lets you treat all
these datasets in a common way and even intersect them within the same

These things would otherwise require implementation-specific
programming as SPARQL, MQL, GQL etc are not able to express real
graphy algos. Also programmatic access is not that easy to tinker with
for domain experts, researchers and ad-hoc-query stakeholders like
people interested in reporting, business intelligence etc.

So, Gremlin wants to promote graph thinking. It is 0.1 ALPHA, and you
should build it from source, but we have a number of tests and it
actually is working. Last week I imported the small
BillionTripleChallenge dataset (10M Triples) into Neo4j and ran a FOAF
algo on it via Gremlin,
https://svn.neo4j.org/laboratory/users/peter/batchtest/ , and ran
snippets.grml over it. Gremlin is of course not as fast as codign
Neo4j Traversers, but it does a decent job at fast getting you good

Now, there are a number of interesting things missing, like a WebUI, a
good return (JSON) format etc etc, but if you wanna tinker, let us
know your verdict!


/peter neubauer

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On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 8:06 AM, Laurent Laborde <kerdezixe at gmail.com> wrote:
> Friendly greetings !
> While browsing my RSS, i found http://wiki.github.com/tinkerpop/gremlin
> "Gremlin is a graph-based programming language."
> It works with neo4j and some other graphdb.
> I quickly checked the wiki page and shell functionality, but i am
> mostly interested by the java API part of Gremlin.
> Anyone played with it ? Does it make life easier ? :)
> Additionally, i'm planning to learn a bit of Groovy (just quickly
> checked some wiki and tutorials).
> Anyone tried to use (if possible) neo4j with groovy ?
> Is it fun to play with graph in Groovy ? :)
> Thank you !
> Off-topic : It's snowing in Toulouse (France), the pink city is white \o/
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