[Neo] deleting bd has grown

Miguel Ángel Águila Lorente maguila at ac.upc.edu
Thu Feb 25 12:51:03 CET 2010

I'm doing a delete operation, in this case I'm deleting 310.000 nodes
from 325.000 nodes. I can delete and after that all works well because
the nodes when I get them only appears the no deleted nodes, but the
size of the folder that contains neo4j database has grown. Specifically
has grown the following files:

    - Folder lucene.
    - neostore.nodestore.db.id
    - neostore.propertystore.db.id
    - neostore.propertystore.db.strings.id
    - neostore.relationshipstore.db.id 

I expect, you can help me.
Thank you.


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