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Raul Raja Martinez raulraja at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 22:26:26 CET 2010

I think the limitation is more related to the size of the transaction.
Less transactions = faster inserts = more memory
Just a guess though, not sure what your code looks like.
We have been able to import millions of nodes with small heaps committing in
small batches.

2010/2/20 Jason Boorn <jboorn at gmail.com>

> Hi -
> I wanted to get a sense of how heap memory is being used in the database.
>  I
> have a small dataset where nodes store arrays of strings, and I can't seem
> to load in more than about 50K nodes (each node has about 100 bytes in its
> string array).  I get out of memory errors.
> My question specifically is the following: is the dataset I work with
> explicitly limited by the heap size available to the JVM?  In other words,
> if I have a data set where each node's properties amount to 1K, and I have
> a
> 1GB heap, does this mean my database can only contain 1MM nodes?
> Thanks
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