[Neo] neo rdf

Lyudmila L. Balakireva ludab at lanl.gov
Fri Feb 12 23:22:55 CET 2010

I have sort of architectural question.
I am thinking about how to construct triple store based on 
verbosequadstore of neo4j.
The problem that I am going to have too many contexts (I want to model
version as context), and I think the verbose quad  store attaching context
to the reference node.
 Is it possible to manupulate the quad store  to have "subcontexts"
attached to the ref node and then attach actual contexts to subcontexts?
The second issue, the context node may have 10mln or more nodes attached. 
Would it  create perfomance problems?
 The other question if I use verboseQuadstore to populate the db can I
return to neo API  to  traverse the nodes or I will stack with Sail?
  (I mean I want to use build -in sail facility to index and load the db,
but to use my own logic to access nodes instead of spaql? Or I will be
forced to reindex? (I need to lookup nod_id by uri to be able traverse
from particular node?
Thank you,

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