[Neo] Dijkstra search on a big graph

Anton Popov popov.UA.work at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 15:59:54 CET 2010

Hello Johan,

Thanks for your answer & see my answers below:

On 8 February 2010 11:15, Johan Svensson <johan at neotechnology.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> How large heap have you set? I see that you have allocated 3G for
> memory mapping that leaves about 512M max left for heap size since OS
> (and other on OS processes) needs some memory.

Yes, I've set 3G for memory mapping, but application allocated only 1.8G,
that leaves enough memory for OS, imho. Anyway, changing parameters of
property file 1G -> 500M (so max allocated memory should be 1.5G instead of
3G) changes nothing. I've got the same exceptions.

> I have not seen this stacktrace on Linux (used to happen a lot on
> 32-bit windows versions since the 2G continuous map limit really
> wasn't 2G).

I use 64-bit PC if this matters.

Try lower nodestore memory mapped settings (check how large file is,
> should not be 1GByte?) and see if that helps.

As described above - using any setting values has no influence on my app. To
be sure, I can say that small routes are found pretty fine, without any
What file you are talking about?

> Regards,
> -Johan
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Best regards,
Popov Anton

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