[Neo] JUNG algos in Neo4j

Marko A. Rodriguez marko at lanl.gov
Sat Feb 6 18:25:07 CET 2010

Hey guys,

> This is not going to have super
> performance, but might be interesting for people to play with?

I don't know why Peter keeps saying this. See below:

I was talking with Peter a bit ago and I wanted to make sure everyone is
clear on the JUNG connector. The connector DOES NOT create a replica of
the Gremlin property graph in memory. I do not use any of the provided
JUNG graph implementations. Instead, I implement their Graph.java
interface. As such, only a single graph exists. Thus, JUNG over a large
Neo4j graph will work---however, there are some areas where optimization
will be needed. Something along the lines of:

if(graph instanceof Neo4jGraph) {
  // do something more optimal than what is done just using the property
graph model interfaces...

However, these are things that can be worked out as we move forward. To
get people excited about the JUNG/Gremlin connector that was so
thoughtfully inspired by Seth (S.H. on our mailing list), I added three
new algorithms:

PageRank: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/174483/
DjikstrasShortestPath: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/174484/
EdgeBetweeneessClusterer: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/174486/

PageRank returns a map of vertex-to-number (the probability-rank of each
vertex in the graph).
DjikstrasShortestPath returns an ordered list of edges from a source
vertex to a destination vertex that defines the shortest path.
EdgeBetweeneessClusterer: returns a map of lists, where each key is a
cluster and each value is the vertices in that cluster as a list.

These are not finalized as there are some things we need to add like
transformers to get edge weights if desired, etc. However, its a start and
worth moving forward with. Just looking at the JUNG algorithms, there are
about 10 that I think are good to have and then, as needed, we can add

Take care,

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