[Neo] Heresy

Rick Bullotta rick.bullotta at burningskysoftware.com
Fri Feb 5 17:41:23 CET 2010

Hi, Peter.

Having ported big applications and libraries to and from .NET and Java, in
general, a "rewrite" is the best approach.  The code looks surprisingly
similar, but exploiting platform and framework-specific capabilities for
file I/O, threading, memory management, transactioning, and so on are

The so-called interpreters/translators, at the bytecode or source level,
generally don't work well except in a few edge cases.


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Hi there,
I know of some minor attempts to do that, and some major that might be
underway, but never heard back from the persons involved. Not sure on
the status of such thinking. We would love to do such a bridge, but it
seems it is still after all these years not trivial to either run the
Java code directly in .NET with something like IKVM, or to properly
bridge things. Very strange since the platforms are very close to each
other in thinking.


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On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 5:23 PM, Rick Bullotta
<rick.bullotta at burningskysoftware.com> wrote:
> Yes, yes, I know Microsoft is pure evil and all (though not as evil as
> or Google these days), but has anyone considered the feasibility of a
> C#/.NET port of Neo?
> Just a curiosity more than anything else.
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