[Neo4j] Neo4j 1.2 Milestone 6 is released

Jim Webber jim at neotechnology.com
Tue Dec 21 18:55:56 CET 2010

Hi Javier,

I think we'll rationalise that to an underscore across the board. Something to do between now and our final 1.2 release.


On 21 Dec 2010, at 17:37, Javier de la Rosa wrote:

> Congratulations one more time!
> Very great news for REST lovers like me :-)
> Only one appreciation, in the new node index service the keys uses an
> hyphen but in the rest of the keys underscores are used.
> ("node", "node-index", "relationship-index", "reference_node", etc).
> Is this OK? Maybe it would be better set the same criteria in the all
> of the URL keys, isn't?
> PS: The new plugins component is amazing!
> On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 18:07, Tobias Ivarsson
> <tobias.ivarsson at neotechnology.com> wrote:
>> Happy winter solstice dear friends!
>> To brighten your world in these dark times the Neo4j team is happy to bring
>> to you the sixth and final milestone release of Neo4j 1.2.
>> Those of you living down under might not need your day to be brighter, but
>> the fact that the next release of Neo4j will be 1.2 final should still be
>> plenty of reason to rejoy and play with the new features in Neo4j. The final
>> set of features to make it into Neo4j 2010, with this milestone, are:
>> Support for the new integrated indexes in the Neo4j Server:
>> The RESTful interface for Neo4j supports the new Neo4j index system, which
>> means that you can now use the same indexes that you create using the
>> Embedded API in Java, Ruby or your favorite language through the RESTful API
>> of the Neo4j Server.
>> Plugin support for the Neo4j Server:
>> The Neo4j Server can now be extended with plugins for adding your own custom
>> traversals or even a simple domain API to the RESTful API. This can be done
>> by plugging in to either Nodes, Relationships or the GraphDatabase itself
>> and extending these entities with further methods. These are then
>> automatically discoverable and invokable through the Neo4j REST API.
>> For more information on this release, and the above mentioned features, turn
>> your attention to the blog post on the subject:
>> http://blog.neo4j.org/2010/12/neo4j-12-m06-is-out-better-rest.html
>> Neo4j 1.2 final, that is scheduled to be released in the next few weeks,
>> will not include any new features but simply include fixes to any bugs you
>> manage to find during your Christmas hacking party, and possibly some minor
>> polish to the already stable Graph Database.
>> All you need to get started with this can be downloaded at:
>> http://neo4j.org/download
>> Now the Swedish Neo4j team is heading out for our traditional winter
>> solstice celebration, happy hacking!
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