[Neo4j] Transaction and REST API

Ido Ran ido.ran at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 13:12:05 CET 2010

Thank you for the detailed answer.
The core of the answer is we should use resources to manage tx and not try
to mimik tx of begin, work, end like we used to do. If this is so I agree.

I'll keep track your changes and hopefully we'll find a way.


On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 1:28 PM, Jim Webber <jim at neotechnology.com> wrote:

> Hi Ido,
> Those make good sense. And I think I have some reasonable RESTful
> approaches in mind for tackling them which don't need transactions (using
> Ian Robinson's typed links to forms approach here).
> 1. Bulk create of nodes and relations:
>  - PUT a set of nodes and relations to the server, relative to some node,
> or to the graph itself.
>  - Work needed: define a graph format (e.g. using JSON) to describe nodes
> and relations.
> 2. Remove relations:
>  - GET a "removal form" (optional, will be cacheable for a long time
> anyway)
>  - Populate the removal form with the nodes to be deleted, POST it to the
> server
>  - Server responds with the URI of a (transient) resource that represents
> all the nodes and relations you previously specified.
>  - DELETE the transient resource
>  - Work needed: design a "removal form" (effectively a deletion manifest),
> a little processing logic on the server side
> 3. Clone subgraphs
>  - Use a form to select a start node, terminating condition (e.g. depth),
> POST its URI to the cloning URI with a traversal description (or just
> something as simple as a termination condition for a df/bf search) which
> itself is created by filling in a form.
>  - Work needed: a clone algorithm for the server; form that allows us to
> describe the graph for the clone; URI to POST back the form to the graph.
> OK, so there's some substantial work to be done here. But there's a
> positive point to take away from this. In the latest milestone release we
> have a Plugin mechanism where end users are able to extend the behaviour of
> graphs/nodes in order to implement all these kinds of domain specific
> things.
> Right now as we're testing the new Plugin stuff, I'm going to implement a
> simple clone subgraph plugin. I'll post the code and the wire-level HTTP
> here when I'm done so you can see how you might implement similar stuff for
> your domain (the code will also be in SVN under examples/server-extension).
> Jim
> PS - It occurs to me though, that if 3rd party plugins become very popular,
> we could over time bring them into core and take some responsibility for
> them. Perhaps.
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