[Neo4j] R-Tree indexing performance

Davide davide at davidesavazzi.net
Mon Dec 20 12:13:39 CET 2010

On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 00:48, Craig Taverner <craig at amanzi.com> wrote:
>   - The RTree implementation itself - I know RTree's are not all equal, so
>   there may be room for general RTree improvements and optimizations. As
>   mentioned we have not put much time into optimizing the RTree very much, so
>   hopefully there is room to move here.

Hi all,

yes, the RTree algorithm can surely be improved!

But first of all, I'd try to find the optimal value for the RTree
maxNodeReferences parameter.
This parameter should affect performance.

You can pass this parameter to the RTree constructor:

public RTreeIndex(GraphDatabaseService database, Layer layer, int
maxNodeReferences, int minNodeReferences) {

but after a RTree is created, you can't change it. Now the default value is 100.

Davide Savazzi

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