[Neo4j] Problem with the lucene index

Kaan Meralan meralan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 03:01:04 CET 2010


Nowadays I am playing with Neo4j (neo4j-1.2.M04) and I have some problems
with the lucene indexing.

So I construct a graph (via batch inserter) and index a property (via lucene
index batch inserter) for prototyping a simple system. I can see the nodes
both with webadmin and rest api (curl and php) but I couldn't see any record
related to my indexing. Even "curl -H Accept:application/json
http://xxx:7474/index/" returns nothing. The weird thing is that although I
can see the index, lucene and lucene-fulltext directories under graph.db
directory, index directory seems to be empty (only lucene.log.1,
lucene.log.active and lucene-store.db). Lucene directory is not empty and
contains a lucene index folder named with my indexed property, though.

Does anybody have any idea?



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