[Neo4j] Oracle suing open source product developers using Java

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The legal basis of the lawsuit with Google has nothing to do with "open source projects using java", and there is no reason for concern relative to neo4j.

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Subject: [Neo4j] Oracle suing open source product developers using Java
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Hi Neo team,
Friday the 13th was a bad day for Java lovers. All of us heard today that
Oracle is suing Google for using Java in Android. This mobile O/S uses Java
and is open source.
We all know Google could have used its own operating system. Java provides
no feature that a smart team of people can't write. Streams, file handling,
Internet protocols, GUI are not the exclusive domain of Java. All these
things were done in Assembly, C and C++ languages.
Neo team also has made the same mistake as Google. You could have used C or
C** to develop your application.  Are you concerned that Oracle may train
its gun on you? Neo DB could be a threat to Oracle.
What are your road maps to move away from Java? or do you think you are
protected from similar law suits?

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