[Neo4j] GSoC work result, Featuring Gephi & Neo4j

Martin Skurla bujacik at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 11:04:12 CEST 2010

Hi Andreas,

this is strange because yesterday I just download the source codes
from Bazaar to be sure they work and they compile without problems. Do
you use latest version of NetBeans? I mean NetBeans 6.9. The reason is
because whole Gephi was ported to the 6.9 version and there are some
changes in core modules and we changed appropriate dependencies too,
so you have to have the newest version.

If problems will remain even when you use 6.9 version, you can post
the error message and we will solve it.

Distribution other than from sources is not a very good idea as I am
fixing last bugs these days, so every new branch version is more
stable with less bugs.


2010/8/14 Andreas Guenther <andreas.guenther at web.de>:
> Martin,
> This is fantastic! I checked out the branch you point but when trying to
> build the build.xml file I am getting missing Netbeans dependency
> failures. Is there an easy way for me to use this cool extension without
> having to build it?
> Thanks,
> -Andreas
> On 8/11/2010 12:25 PM, Martin Skurla wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> My name is Martin Škurla and this summer I was working on GSoC project
>> called "Adding support for Neo4j in Gephi". I would like to introduce
>> to all of you an article summarizing all implemented features
>> including these under the hood, pictures of dialogs, common use cases
>> and future plans. Very important part of the article is a
>> Questionnaire which is a very valuable source of informations for
>> further Gephi&  Neo4j cooperation. Thanks for any response.
>> The article can be found here:
>> http://gephi.org/2010/gsoc-2010-mid-term-adding-support-for-neo4j-in-gephi/
>> Thanks,
>> Martin Škurla
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