[Neo] Relationship representation in REST

Rick Bullotta rick.bullotta at burningskysoftware.com
Mon Apr 26 10:25:51 CEST 2010

Would prefer configurable.  Getting all the property data each time would be
problematic in many of our use cases.

/blah/blah/node/* = all properties
/blah/blah/node = no properties or "system default" behavior
/blah/blah/node/property = specific property

Alternatively a query parameter could be used:

propertyMask= (or absence of this parameter)

I'm sure we could come up with creative ways to also ask for a set of
properties (e.g. propertyMask=[property1,property2,property3])

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Is there any kind of consensus here?

Always send back full node representation? Not send back full node
representation? Configurable per request somehow?

2010/4/21 Brian Turner <brian at wodaklab.org>

> > I would have to agree. I've been trying out the REST interface, and it
> > would
> > be nice to have the option to  have the full details of each node
> returned
> > when doing a traversal.
> >
> >>You say have the "option" to have the full details? I'd rather not have
> it
> >>configurable per server... maybe per request. How would that be
> configurable
> >>in a good way (assuming that's what you mean)?
> Yes, I mean when doing the post and option should exist for level of
> returned.
> >>Do you mean when doing a traversal (as in POST
> .../node/123/traverse/node)
> >>or when simply getting relationships for a node? When you use traversers
> you
> >>can specify what to get back and if you get nodes back you get that
> I was thinking of traversal, but it shouldn't matter. Anywhere a node is
> returned as only an identifier should really allow for the option to have
> its details included (perhaps even a list of desired attributes).
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