[Neo] help w/ neo4j sesame sail

Anders Nawroth anders at neotechnology.com
Thu Apr 22 23:21:01 CEST 2010

Hi Mike!

I created an example project that downloads all dependencies of a Maven 
project (including transitive dependencies). Also, javadocs of all 
included Neo4j components are aggregated (others could be added as well, 
this is configurable).

See here:

I tried to match your requirements, but if something is missing, simply 
add to the dependencies in the pom.xml and then mvn package it. (The 
final output is in .tar.gz and .zip archives as this stuff was 
originally intended for packaging example applications.)

The number of jars downloaded is quite amazing in this case :-)


Mike Grove wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 2:49 PM, Niels Hoogeveen
> <pd_aficionado at hotmail.com>wrote:
>> Did you use maven when building the jars? The dependencies listed in maven,
>> make sure the proper versions of other components are downloaded.
> Yes, after I checked the code out, I just ran "mvn" from the directory, and
> put all the compiled jar files in the target directory into my class path.
> I did this for neo4j-rdf, neo4j-rdf-sail & the core neo4j.  For APOC, I used
> the contents of the lib directory from the download.  I never saw any of the
> dependency jars get generated into the target directory after the maven
> build, which is probably how I got myself into this mess in the first place.
> This is only the second time I've ever had to use maven, so I would not be
> surprised if I've just made some terribly naive oversight due to my lack of
> experience using it.
> Thanks.
> Mike
>>> Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 14:31:42 -0400
>>> From: mhgrove at gmail.com
>>> To: user at lists.neo4j.org
>>> Subject: [Neo] help w/ neo4j sesame sail
>>> I'm trying to get the Neo4j Sesame Sail up and running so I can compare
>> it
>>> with the other various RDF databases available and i'm getting an odd
>> error
>>> on startup.
>>> I checked out the neo4j-rdf project (0.7 SNAPSHOT) and compiled it,
>>> downloaded the APOC (v1.0), checked out and compiled neo4j-rdf-sail, and
>>> checked out the core neo4j repository and compiled meta-model & util.
>>  With
>>> each of these in my class path along with the Sesame libs, I was able to
>> get
>>> my small piece of test code to compile and run.
>>> However, I'm getting the following NoSuchMethodError when trying to
>>> initialize the graph database & wrap it in a sail:
>>> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:
>>> org.apache.lucene.index.
>> IndexWriter.<init>(Ljava/lang/String;Lorg/apache/lucene/analysis/Analyzer;ZLorg/apache/lucene/index/IndexWriter$MaxFieldLength;)V
>>>     at
>> org.neo4j.rdf.fulltext.SimpleFulltextIndex.createLuceneDirectory(SimpleFulltextIndex.java:191)
>>>     at
>> org.neo4j.rdf.fulltext.SimpleFulltextIndex.startUpDirectoryAndThread(SimpleFulltextIndex.java:148)
>>>     at
>> org.neo4j.rdf.fulltext.SimpleFulltextIndex.<init>(SimpleFulltextIndex.java:138)
>>>     at
>> org.neo4j.rdf.fulltext.SimpleFulltextIndex.<init>(SimpleFulltextIndex.java:115)
>>>     at
>> org.neo4j.rdf.fulltext.SimpleFulltextIndex.<init>(SimpleFulltextIndex.java:109)
>>>     at dbtester.Runner.main(Runner.java:231)
>>> Obviously I've got the wrong version of something along the chain.  Can
>>> anyone give me a clue to what versions I should be grabbing, or is there
>> a
>>> single module I can grab and compile that will contain everything I need
>> for
>>> the Sail?
>>> Oddly, the program doesn't terminate after this exception, well it
>> actually
>>> never terminates; I left it running for about 30 hours and it never
>> finished
>>> reading in the data from disk which is the first thing the program does.
>>> The file is relatively small, only about 6.5 millions triples, which most
>>> systems can load in somewhere between 90s and 1h depending on which is
>> being
>>> used.  I'm guessing that my setup is contributing to this result, but I
>> am
>>> curious if anyone has tried using the sail with a dataset in this order
>> of
>>> magnitude.
>>> Thanks for any guidance.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Mike
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