[Neo] Requirements for an event framework for Neo4j

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Fri Apr 2 15:36:53 CEST 2010

   I think it would rather difficult (and perhaps even not desirable) to
   do a completely async/external interface for the
   "proactive" handlers...but for the after-the-fact mutation events it
   should be fine.

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   Make it all async with an external api and it will work nicely with
   On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 11:26 AM, Rick Bullotta <
   rick.bullotta at burningskysoftware.com> wrote:
   > Hi, Tobias.
   > That's awesome news.
   > A few general questions regarding an event framework for Neo4J...
   > - In the current implementation, there's a thread affinity for
   > transactions.
   > I am guessing that this could create big challenges for "proactive"
   > handlers
   > that are potentially executed on a different thread?
   > - Will the handlers be synchronous or asynchronous?
   > - Also, another consideration is whether or not you want to provide
   > for event "folding" for chatty changes to properties on
   > (e.g. you choose the quality of service - all changes or most recent
   > changes
   > only if you haven't yet processed the mutation event).
   > - What do you envision passing along with events? A full "copy" of
   > node/relationship? Only the mutated property?
   > - Would there be support for "bucketed" notifications that would
   > notifications on multiple property changes on a node to be processed
   as a
   > single entity?
   > Looking forward to seeing how this all materializes!
   > Rick
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   > Fellow developers!
   > The time has come to start the work on an event framework for Neo4j.
   > order to do a good work at this we would get input on what
   requirements you
   > have on an event framework. We would like to get a list of use cases
   > which you would use an event framework, along with the features you
   > the use case would need from the event framework (i.e. which events
   > would like to receive notification about, and when). We would also
   like you
   > to motivate why these features are required by the use case. Events
   > easily degrade performance if the framework is ill designed, so we
   > like to keep things very lean.
   > We have made some early analysis and arrived at the following
   > * There can be two kinds of event handlers: Proactive event handlers
   > Reactive event handlers.
   > Proactive event handlers have the ability to preempt operations and
   > Reactive
   > event handlers simply react to an event and cannot cause the event to
   > succeed.
   > * There are three kinds of events in Neo4j kernel:
   > - Lifecycle events, such as shutdown.
   > - Transactional events, such as start commit, commit successful,
   > etc.
   > - Data modification events, such as node created, property changed,
   > relationship removed, etc.
   > It might be possible that other components, such as the indexing
   > would want to add more events to the event framework.
   > These are of course just some initial input to get your thoughts
   > feel
   > free to think outside of the constraints above. Our ultimate goal is
   > create an event framework that is as useful as possible while
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