[Neo] neoclipse with eclipse 3.3.2

Anders Nawroth anders at neotechnology.com
Tue May 26 14:29:32 CEST 2009


>    We are working on integrating neoclipse plugin and run it through
>    eclipse 3.3.2. At first, I have some problems due to the dependency on
>    the eclipse 3.4 components. I had performed some steps, and I wanted to
>    share them with you all.

Thanks a lot for your effort and for sharing this!

>  If there is a better solution, please let me
>    know.

AFAIK there's no better solution other than running the standalone version.

>      * After replacement, errors related to MenuManager were solved, but
>        more errors appeared.
>        the compiler gives error asking for remote-neo package, shipped
>        with neoclipse but not configured in the class path by default. So,
>        I added it to class path.

Oops, thanks for pointing this out. It comes from the Maven/Eclipse 
project model differences. And me forgetting to keep the Eclipse one in 
sync :-) I've added both the Maven magic and the jar files to the 
classpath, at least this works in my environment. (r2874)

>  * The last error is in the line:
> HELP( "help", shared( ISharedImages.IMG_LCL_LINKTO_HELP ) )

I already thought about removing this dependency (on ISharedImages), we 
don't benefit a lot from it. Added a ticket for this.

>      * Now, there is no errors, launching the uDig application, it
>        launched successfully, and the plugin worked correctly.

Really nice to hear that you could achieve this! Do you have any 
information regarding when the 1.2 branch of uDig will be stable? (it 
uses Eclipse 3.4)

>    Wish this can help others, and I wish we have better solution.

I added a link to your mail on the wiki, so others will find it.

Again, thanks!


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