[Neo] org.neo4j.api.core.NotFoundException: Node[7] not found.

Johan Svensson johan at neotechnology.com
Thu May 14 16:06:12 CEST 2009


NeoIndexService is built managing a tree inside the node space and is
based on the MultiValueIndex. Single/multi value indexes works better
if you have some specific parts of your domain that needs to be
indexed (ex. see Timeline). If you have the "index all properties"
problem we recommend using LuceneIndexService.

External search alternatives such as Compass are just as good. Neo4j
is a graph database and not a full text search engine so the plan has
always been to integrate towards other solutions when needed.

Assume LuceneIndexService implementation is thread safe since there is
currently some bug in multi value index :)

But any public API implementation under org.neo4j.* should be thread
safe unless documented otherwise (if not it is considered a bug).


On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 12:14 AM, Andreas Guenther
<aguenther at flying-orange.com> wrote:
> Johan,
> Thanks for opening a ticket. What really is the difference between all
> of the different index implementations and what is the recommendation to
> use either one? I even found a LuceneFulltextIndexService. We are
> currently considering the alternative to use Compass for node id
> indexing. Besides transactional and maybe future Neoclipse search
> features, is there any reason to not consider Neo external search
> functionality?
> I assume all Neo IndexService implementations are thread-safe ;)
> -Andreas
> Johan Svensson wrote:
>> Hi Andreas,
>> I was able to reproduce this. If I start from a clean db and only
>> execute those 2 tests over and over again the 4th run will always fail
>> on the multi rollback test. I created a ticket for it
>> https://trac.neo4j.org/ticket/168 and will look into it as soon as
>> possible.
>> Regards,
>> -Johan

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