[Neo] neoclipse + scripting

Anders Nawroth anders at neotechnology.com
Mon Mar 2 15:15:26 CET 2009


It would be useful to let the user write and run scripts in Neoclipse, 
so I'm looking into that now. It could be used to perform different 
traversals and use the output to view the graph in different ways or 
just highlight nodes/relationships in it. Any other ideas you may have 
are welcome! What would be useful features in your context?

If anyone can give hints on how to integrate scripting capabilities in 
an Eclipse RCP app, please answer here or add information to the ticket:


Last week I added handling of relationship types to Neoclipse. Now it's 
possible to add new relationship types, relationships and nodes. 
Relationship types can also be used to highlight relationships and nodes 
in different ways. There's still more to do before I can release this 
(at the moment you can't reach the preferences page more than once!), 
but try it out from the trunk version if you like to :-) Screenshot 

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