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Mattias Persson mattias at neotechnology.com
Fri Jul 10 19:05:49 CEST 2009

absolutely, it sounds like a good idea. As Emil pointed out there's
much to be desired regarding these areas.

So go ahead :)

2009/7/9, Emil Eifrem <emil at neotechnology.com>:
> Hi Andreas,
> Thanks for the OSGi work you're doing! See comments inline.
> On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 19:25, Andreas
> Kollegger<akollegger at tembopublic.org> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The neo-component-commons component shares the org.neo4j.util  package
>> namespace with the neo-utils component. Are these components
>> complementary, or is one the successor to the other? They seem to
>> overlap in intent.
> neo-utils: An old component created by Mattias Persson for his work at
> Windh. Windh has bulit Neo4j-based systems for about 7 years and
> neo-utils has been, well, the component 'sink' for all kinds of small
> and large utilities Windh has needed on top of Neo4j. It's good stuff
> and very real-world driven but maybe a bit incomprehensible without an
> introduction by someone who knows it. A list of some of the
> functionality is on the index page here:
> http://components.neo4j.org/neo-utils/
> neo-component-commons: A new component created as small library jar
> for convenience classes (today: iterators and iterables) that we want
> to reuse across components, but where we don't necessarily want to
> drag in the entire neo-utils.
> The distinction between them is real but I admit it's a bit blurry.
> Over time, we want to reduce neo-utils in size by gradually refactor
> out functionality into separate components. I see
> neo-component-commons as the first one of many.
>> Having the package namespace split between two artifacts is awkward.
>> Presuming that neither are deprecated, I'd like to propose refactoring
>> neo-component-commons to use the org.neo4j.commons namespace. Cleanly
>> deploying to an OSGi environment is my main motivation, but I also
>> think it is generally confusing.
>> I realize that the simple renaming will be pretty disruptive. Thoughts?
> If Mattias gives a 'go-ahead,' I'll go ahead and bump the version on
> component-commons and refactor it to org.neo4j.commons as suggested
> (or possibly org.neo4j.commons.iterators, as it's the only
> functionality in there currently).
> Cheers,
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