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very well. However, the SQL model is inherently less flexible than the graph
database model (what if I want to introduce a new relationship type, in a
traditional SQL schema that would require new join tables etc...).

>   I'm sure there's a graphy-model for the tag/post example that could be
>   made smoking fast with Neo also.

Hopefully! I suppose my question is "I would like to be able to harness a
graph database to give flexibility and eloquence to our data model. However,
can I query it efficiently without domain specific hacks and extra layers of


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>   [Re: [Neo] How to efficiently query in Neo4J?]:
>   > You know this is something that I think needs to be made clear...
>   > using just the graph is not the right way to go unless you have a
>   very
>   > special application.
>   > Some things are better not done in the graph. So I decided to keep
>   > that in tables, and just move the "person relationships" to the graph
>   > (works with, manages, knows, friends, etc).
>   >
>   > I treat the graph like a specialized index. Makes a lot more sense
>   > now, and I get the best of both worlds.
>   Exactly what I think. An iterable index, and a great one for the kind
>   of
>   graphy queries that cannot be done efficiently using sets and joins.
>   Any thoughts on what constitutes *graphiness*, if I may venture this
>   term?
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