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commercial privacy, we can't give you any hints on the commercial
installations unless our customers themselfs choose to come forth.


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On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 1:20 PM, francis adediran <adediraf at> wrot=
> Hi guys,
> =A0First of all big thanks to all that make the Neo4j 1.0 sucessful. Look=
> pretty impressive, can't
> wait to upgrade.
> There are a couple of questions that has been puzzling when i look at soc=
> network data and graph database.
> Do you guys know of any social networking site that uses graph database?
> I'm hearing LinkedIn, but i think it's just their server.
> Have you guys been approached by some social networking sites?
> Correct me if i'm wrong but Graph DB looks quite promising for SNs
> --
> Francis
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