[Neo] Using the Neo4J Components

doug doug at frogsong.net
Fri Apr 17 04:08:48 CEST 2009

   I am interested in exploring the functionality of Neo4J, and for the
   application I have in mind, I would like to use some of the components,
   such as the Neo-Meta, Neo-Utils and others.  Am I correct in assuming

   - There is no published Jar or Jars containing these classes, and that
   in order to use them I will have to check them out of subversion and
   build them myself?

   - The documentation and javadoc on [1]http://components.neo4j.org/ is
   all that exists, and there is no further documentation or examples?

   If this is the case, should I be checking out the latest from the
   trunk, or is there any sort of release tag?

   I admit that I wish that there was a jar, ideally for each component,
   created as part of the build.  Any chance of adding that sort of
   functionality? Then I would only need to go to the source to get the
   unit tests to figure out how things are supposed to work.

   It may be that this has already been covered in this list, if so I
   apologize but I have not been able to find a search feature to check.

   Thanks for any information you can provide.



   1. http://components.neo4j.org/

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