[Neo] More notes on first look at Neo4J + IMDB

Stig Lau stig.lau at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 08:29:47 CEST 2008

> What is your golden Neo4J showcase? Where do I find it on the  
> webpages?
This is a soon to be complete showcase app:

> And please make me a nice small showcase I can use as a reference in
> the mail I'm sending to my company .

Do you find the IMDB app useful in this context?

Regarding the "where to download the code" in the Getting Started page  
- the code download should perhaps be on top.
And yes, I know I have no patience to read to the end of a document,  
or read every line thouroghly. But that's my generation of "I want  
everything in BOLD F***ING COLORS which say DOWNLOAD and PLAY. And if  
I don't see what I want in less than a minute, I go somewhere else!"

This is my experience after looking @ http://wiki.neo4j.org/content/IMDB_Example 
  and https://svn.neo4j.org/laboratory/users/andersn/imdb-app :
Imdb looks well written and comprehensible for web developers. But the  
example is a little bit to big for a first time look at the code. I  
would rather use a The Getting Started code + mvn pom for sending  
internally in my company as a first view. Imdb is a good runner up for  
answering the question: "Alright, I've gotten Neo4J up and running,  
now what?".
The application has a very inwards focus on traversal towards kevin  
I guess the app is meant to show the strength of searching for the  
shortest path. But you can't do much more and the fun in clicking  
links soon runs out.
It's hard to come up with movie names
Have some way of secondary navigation ready, sideways and outwards  
traversal - other movies played by actor...
I believe an end user is intimidated by a web page with endless  
possibilities and a huge DB, but an empty search result and little to  
click at to get to the data.
The search page should show a pre-filled search result to get the user  
started. An intermediate search-result page could relieve much pain  
for the user instead of choosing the first result. Automatically fill  
in wildcards.

I had a hard time finding the code that "binds together" the app, and  
I'm just guessing that it is ImdbServiceImpl. I guess that is party  
because of Spring, but a core class outside of the domain/util/parser/ 
web folders could have made it more easy to see where to get started  
with creating a similar app.
There is also a imdb app in https://svn.neo4j.org/laboratory/imdb-app  
which users are more likely to be drawn to when browsing your svnrepo  
- confusing!
NO TESTS!!!!1 - Tests don't exist for CI, but documention of what the  
app does. Tests give code readers expectations to what he can do with  
the app. Check out JWebUnit - http://ultimate-roundtrip.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/src/test/java/no/lau/ultimate/roundtrip/web/page/GooglePageTest.java
pom.xml does not have the normal dtd/xsd header
Could imdb/icons be moved out of the root project folder?
I guess the "var" catalogue is used for persisting neo. But couldn't  
it be called neo-db or neo-files?

+ jetty:run!!!!
+ code cleanlyness
+ nice looking GUI
+ pom which is self-contained, including neo4j-public-repository.  
Though <build> could be moved to the bottom.


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