[Neo] Basic search in Neoclipse

Peter Haensgen P.Haensgen at intershop.de
Mon Sep 1 10:52:56 CEST 2008

> I discovered a problem with stack overflow when using the search under
> Windows. To get it to look into more than 10K of nodes, I had to
> increase the stack size. My query needed to look into 250K of nodes

Uuupss... :-) Nice one. 

> Maybe we can use a traverser in the NeoSearchQuery::checkNode() method
> to avoid the recursion?

The problem with the traverser is that its API is not sufficient. It
cannot be used to "follow all outgoing relationships from this node for
any relationshiptype", because you always have to specify a pair of
{direction, relationshiptype}, which you don't have in this case. I
think this should be changed!

For this reason the search query did not use a traverser initially.
However, as you had changed the implementation to also follow incoming
relationships, it probably could be used again?


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