[Neo] Traversal suggestions

Jonny Wray jwray.develop at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 21:46:00 CEST 2008


I've been experimenting with the traversal functionality, and some of the
path finder algorithms based on it, and I have some suggestions.

i) Currently you can specify the type and direction of a relationship to
traverse. Is there any reason the evaluator approach wasn't used here? For
example, I have a use case in which I'd like to be able to traverse a
relationship or not depending on properties of that relationship.
ii) In the path algorithms I've looked at (AllSimplePaths and
FindPath/Dijkstra) you can only specify one direction to be used for all
relationship types. In my current graph the edges have different semantics
with respect to their direction (ie some are directional, others aren't) so
I need to be able to specify the direction for a specific type. This was
easy to implement with AllSimplePaths using the same approach used in the
node.traverse method ie and Object... that gives Type, Direction pairs.

thanks again for this very useful project,

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