[Neo] multiple overlapping traversals

Johan Svensson johan at neotechnology.com
Mon Oct 6 12:38:31 CEST 2008


You could for example pass in a set (the same) to the stop and return
evaluators in each traverser. Then just keep the set updated and check
if the node has already been visited by some other traverser.

This may not be an efficient way but should work.


On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 7:10 PM, Arnoldo Muller <arnoldomuller at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello:
> I want to traverse a cyclic graph starting from k different nodes (I
> want to perform k "queries"). Each of these traversals will search for
> some nodes until some condition holds and then they will stop. The
> problem is that each traversal  could overlap each other. As this is
> inefficient, I want to avoid visiting nodes that I have already
> searched in the other k-1 traversers.
> Is there an efficient way I could connect the k traversers  in order
> to avoid visiting duplicate nodes?
> Thanks!
> Arnoldo Muller
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