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Anders Nawroth anders at neotechnology.com
Fri Nov 7 16:49:09 CET 2008


This is amazing :-)


Tim O'Brien wrote:
> Some quick updates to this, I ran this by both Eugene and Igor, and  
> they gave me some feedback.    There is an updated version of what I  
> sent out to the list yesterday here:
> http://blogs.sonatype.com/people/book/2008/11/07/building-eclipse-plugins-with-maven-tycho/
> 1. You probably don't need to add the custom repository.
> 2. Igor wanted me to mention that once you generate POMs, you'll  
> likely want to check them into SCM.   The longer-term goal for Tycho  
> is that it would just run as another plugin under Maven 3.0 and it  
> would be able to operate without a Maven POM.   Another longer term  
> goal is to be able to run this without a local Eclipse Target  
> Platform.    We'll get there soon, but for now, this is something of a  
> temporary solution if you want to automate builds using Maven.
> On Nov 5, 2008, at 1:46 PM, Anders Nawroth wrote:
>> hello!
>> I have looked into building Neoclipse using Maven, but at the moment  
>> I'm
>> not convinced there are more advantages then disadvantages in this  
>> case.
>> Building Eclipse plugins and products has quite many quirks. With
>> increasing use of product configuration options, the number of build
>> quirks increases as well.
>> There seems to be no really automated build system for Eclipse
>> plugins/products, even when using maven you have to install and update
>> the dependencies manually (the Eclipse artifacts are not deployed to a
>> maven repository).
>> I hope most of these Eclipse-related problems will be resolved in a  
>> year
>> from now or so, but at the moment manual builds actually looks like a
>> good alternative to me.
>> At the moment I have working exports of Neoclipse as an Eclipse  
>> plugin,
>> and as Linux and Windows products. There were problems with OS X,  
>> but I
>> think it's resolved now (I compiled against the wrong Java version).
>> WDYT?
>> /anders
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