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Anders Nawroth anders at neotechnology.com
Wed Dec 3 15:00:21 CET 2008


I've been looking into the content providing mechanics in Neoclipse.

In the old version, it always showed all relationships between the 
visible nodes. This comes from the underlying content providing 
structure, but I also thought this was nice. The benefit from this is 
that it may be intuitive that if you see two nodes and there exists a 
relationship between them, you also see this relationship.

However, the approach above is quite resource consuming so I implemented 
a variation that will strictly follow the traversal depth that is set. 
The benefit from this is that what you see actually matches the 
underlying traversal.

After hearing about the problems with getting into traversal-thinking, I 
thought that maybe it's more important to stick with the 
traversal-correctness and not the common-sense-intuitiveness!

What triggered me was the work on a poster (!) on Neo4j API basics. I 
realized that the Neoclipse screenshot I wanted to use for explaining 
traversal didn't match the traversal at hand (it showed one relationship 
at max depth + 1, see attached file).

Any input on this topic is very welcome!


Anders Nawroth [anders at neotechnology.com]
GTalk, Skype: anders.nawroth
Phone: +46 737 894 163

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