[Neo] imdb example app

Anders Nawroth anders.nawroth at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 13:24:18 CEST 2008


Tobias Ivarsson skrev:
> We could have it as a regular component in the repo, then it would get
> included in the regular automatic build system with no extra configuration.

If it's already configured to package the source as well, then yes. (and 
I think all components should get the source and javadoc packaged as 
well ... it's really nifty to use from maven)

The actual application isn't very interesting to package at all, that 
would be more to see that everything compiles.

> But it might make more sens to create a special "samples" section in the
> repository for things like this.

+1 on this.

For now the IMDB app package is org.neo4j.apps.imdb.
I think the "apps" part of it should reflect the name of the component.

> There will probably be more samples in the future,

I really hope that there will be samples in other languages as well 
(Python, Ruby, Groovy ...)


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