[Neo] neo4j and JCR

Anders Nawroth anders.nawroth at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 10:16:19 CEST 2008


Have anybody looked into using neo4j as a JCR backend? Among many other 
uses, the Grails framework will be using a JCR-compliant backend in the 
next version (1.1). There is also a Spring JCR module and some tool support.

The data structure of JCR seems to fit neo4j very well:

> The data in a JCR consists of a tree of Nodes with associated
> Properties. Data is stored in the Properties, which may hold simple
> values such as numbers and strings or binary data of arbitrary length.
> Nodes may optionally have one or more types associated with them which
> dictate the kinds of properties, number and type of child nodes, and
> certain behavioral characteristics of the nodes. Nodes may point to
> other nodes via a special reference type property. In this way nodes in
> a JCR offer both referential integrity and object oriented concept of
> inheritance. Additional node types include the referenceable node type
> which allows the user to reference said node through use of a
> universally unique identifier. Another popular type is the versionable
> type. This makes the repository track a document's history and store
> copies of each version of the document.

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