[Neo] Neo4j for personal information database

Nils Kaiser NilsKaiser at gmx.net
Wed Aug 13 08:51:03 CEST 2008

Comments inline.

Johan Svensson schrieb:
>> A part I am struggeling with in the design of the app, is that the UI
>> should support viewing of very large collections, for example all email
>> messages in "work" collection. These will have to be sortable by
>> different fields, in case of a mail message even sorting by the name of
>> the contact (which needs to follow a relationship). I don't really know
>> how to use Neo4j (or another persistence mechanism, or another layer on
>> top of Neo4j) to implement such functionality.
> This can either be solved by reading in the full collection (using a
> traverser) then sort it or keep the items sorted in the node space
> (using linked lists like Timeline utility in index-util component).
Are there some examples of this somewhere? Or maybe something I might 
use to leverage the task?

With a relational DB, I wouldn't have to care as the sorting could be 
made by the database. I could then use a cursor to implement some kind 
of lazy loading in my UI. I guess the solution to sort the objects as a 
linked list has the disadvantage not to be able to sort on multiple fields.

Would lucene help here?

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