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Thu Nov 8 19:34:22 CET 2007

#20: Minor API improvements
 Reporter:  emil                 |       Owner:  johans 
     Type:  enhancement request  |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  major                |   Milestone:  neo-1.0
Component:  neo-core impl        |    Keywords:         
 There are a number of minor API changes in line for b6:

  * Expose a {{{NotFoundException}}}. Currently, we chicken out and declare
 {{{RuntimeException}}} in a number of cases, such as
 {{{embeddedNeo.getNodeById( idThatDoesntExistYet )}}},
 {{{node.getProperty( aKeyThatDoesntExist )}}}, etc. That's poor form and
 something we should fix.
  * Expose {{{node.hasRelationship()}}}. I agree that the current idiom
 ({{{node.getRelationships().iterator().hasNext()}}}) is too wordy.

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