[Neo] Re: [ticket] #13: EmbeddedNeo should implement a service interface

Björn Granvik bjorn.granvik at jayway.se
Sun Nov 4 11:20:46 CET 2007

>  Random ideas:
>   * {{{NeoFactory}}} -- except that makes it sound like we're creating
>  "Neos", whereas we're actually creating nodes

Agree. Not good.

>   * {{{NodeFactory}}} -- except we're doing a lot of other things in
>  addition to creating nodes, such as
>  [http://api.neo4j.org/1.0-b5/org/neo4j/api/core/ 
> EmbeddedNeo.html#shutdown()
>  shutdown] and
>  [http://api.neo4j.org/1.0-b5/org/neo4j/api/core/ 
> EmbeddedNeo.html#enableRemoteShell(java.util.Map)
>  enabling the remote shell]

Again agree. Not good.

>   * {{{NeoService}}} -- maybe this one is best? {{{NeoService}}}
>  implemented by {{{EmbeddedNeo}}}

This one I like since it implies other types of Neo implementations  
apart from the Embedded version. Perhaps a "ServerNeo"?

>   * {{{NeoKernel}}} -- might possibly also work

Implies a kernel that implement the most basic/central stuff in order  
to facilitate for instance portability, in much the same way as a  
operating system kernel.

>   * {{{NeoManager}}} -- not too bad?

Hm, to  me it implies managing stuff, like controlling. Usually you  
call NeoFactory to get stuff like nodes?
That doesn't sound like managing to me (or maybe I got it all wrong  
when it comes to "managers";-)

I've found that in many occassions the "Manager" suffix is used  
instead of calling a class by its true name -  "Misc".


>  Just some random neuron firings.
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