[Neo] Suggestions for a "Design with Neo" Guide

Björn Granvik bjorn.granvik at jayway.se
Wed Aug 8 22:54:09 CEST 2007

Hi again,

It might help to imagine the audience (programmer about to make the  
jump) and the format (book, good example, core design patterns) and  
the goal - make the switch.
Or perhaps, "try me I'm good and fun" ;-)
The title, the structure and contents can come more easily if that  
picture is set.

It's all a ladder really with the
one liner at the first step. Then
1 minute guide,
10 minute guide,
a book to get started,        <-- it's here I believe the first guide  
(that this discussion covers) is needed
a blueprint
a book to fully understand Neo architecture and implications


1 aug 2007 kl. 00.33 skrev Klas Ehnrot:

> On 7/31/07, Björn Granvik <bjorn.granvik at jayway.net> wrote:
>> Another thought, since the chapters are mostly "how to" it looks more
>> like a "Neo Cookbook" than your first name "Design with Neo".
>> Nothing wrong with that, I'm just wondering whether you're shooting
>> for a "cookbook" or a design book? To me that suggests different
>> structures.
> That's actually a very good question. From my discussions with Emil
> and Johan, I think we're in between a cookbook and a design guide,
> maybe actually leaning towards a cookbook more of how we phrase our
> topics. What do you think guys? We have from the beginning talked
> about it being a design guide but as Björn suggests there is a
> difference and that may mean more overhead in how we organize the
> documentation?
> /Klas
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