[Neo] Suggestions for a "Design with Neo" Guide

Björn Granvik bjorn.granvik at jayway.se
Wed Aug 8 22:46:40 CEST 2007

Hi Klas,

>> However, it still feels like a jump to for instance "How to create a
>> Neo independent API".
> I agree that the title of that topic is a bit "highflying". What I
> think we aim for is to show how to encapsulate Neo in Java, maybe with
> a simple Factory pattern combined with the encapsulation of nodes in
> Pojos so that we get a domain model. These things kan be done in many
> ways and we just want to show some examples and tips for how to go
> about it. I'll try to think of a better title. Any suggestions? :)

Ok, I understand better now. It looks like we're thinking along the  
same lines.

I other email I had a few suggestions. None really new and catchy,  
but they something in common.
I title would signal:
- Pragmatic
- Code examples
- Geared for the programmer and less for the architect
- Accessible, as in easy and fun to read (for a nerd:)
It must have Neo in the title of course...

It cannot have:
- dummies
- 21 days
- ...
or something similar...

I'm sure you have more words to add.
Right now my brain is winding down. I'll see if I can think of some  
more titles.


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