[Neo] Suggestions for a "Design with Neo" Guide

Emil Eifrem emil at neopersistence.com
Wed Aug 1 00:25:54 CEST 2007

On 8/1/07, Björn Granvik <bjorn.granvik at jayway.se> wrote:
> Hi Emil,
> Ok, they look good. A one-minute and a ten minute followed by lab for
> two hours.
> That will indeed cover a lot of ground.

They're not perfect yet but they're good enough to get us going.

> However, it still feels like a jump to for instance "How to create a
> Neo independent API".

I hear you. We've also talked about making an equivalent of the Java
EE blueprints, not in terms of a reimplementation of a store to sell
cat nodes but in terms of a real, full-scale big example which would
showcase a lot of Neo best practices. We don't quite have the cycles
to pull through that at the moment. But would that cover the void that
you see?

> Btw, I'll try the getting-started guides when I get a chance.
> Do we have a one-liner to go as well?

We're fresh out of those! Any suggestions?


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