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#297: lucene fulltext index for read only database
 Reporter:  matthias.zengler at unister.de  |        Owner:  johans
     Type:  bug report                   |       Status:  new   
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Component:  index                        |   Resolution:        
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Comment(by mattias):

 Which version of neo4j are you using? The most recent code shouldn't throw
 that exception, however there is no LuceneFulltextReadOnlyIndexService for
 some reason.

 Would you be comfortable to use latest neo4j version and instead use the
 integrated index which is better, integrated into GraphDatabaseService
 interface and handles read-only automatically? Look at
 http://wiki.neo4j.org/content/Index_Framework#Advanced_creation for more
 information. I'd say that'd be the easiest solution and the API is quite
 similar. The drawback is that you'd have to index your data all over again
 into the new index framework.

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